Art Science Exhibits

Humboldt University, Berlin (Germany), 2017

This event is organized by Art Science Exhibits in partnership with Humboldt University and Science Week Berlin (Germany). Curators: mp Warming, Aric Mannion and Matt Bunnett. Scientific advisors: Dr. Dieter Korn, Dr. Michael Ohl and Lukas Kirschey of the Berlin Museum of Natural Sciences.

” The exhibit includes 27 artists from a wide-rage of nationalities and age groups, artists who create with a variety mediums with themes of Evolutionary Biology. Work showcased is by lesser-known community artists as well as award-winning internationals. From this broad net of diversity, we’ve built the concept, “Appealing to the Populous”. With this slightly ironic title, we consider the subtleties, along with the trials artists encounter in their efforts to communicate nature science while petitioning for preservation. (…) For this project Nathalie Lavoie first made tracing of leaves veins with a black fine point pen. After that she has scanned the drawings and multiplied digitally to create new complexified structures that refer to organic and cerebral dimensions. From this artistic process appears an inner structure of nature. Her artistic process is inspired by scientifics as Gregory Bateson. From him she learned some notions like understanding of the “mind” or “mental systems” as being present throughout the living Earth, in systems and creatures of all kinds. Also how pattern connecting different phenomena and for processes beneath structures.” (mp Warming, chief curator)

Brain-leaves, two digital drawings printed on polyester, 630 cm x 140 cm, hanging on either side of the statue of Albrecht Daniel Thaer who is considered one of the founders of agronomy.

Photos : Denise Batchelor