Forest as School

This project, part of the Art actuel en milieu scolaire program, benefited from the financial support of the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, the collaboration of Centre SAGAMIE and the generous participation of Sainte-Hélène school in the Lac-Saint-Jean school board.

This program aims to reach young people directly in their community and offer them a unique experience to create and exhibit art, supervised by contemporary-art professionals. By bringing art to life within the school, students are encouraged to see things differently and place greater emphasis on innovation and project-based learning. For the artists, it is a way of exploring other ways of creating, sharing and developing their research. For each partner, it is an opportunity to leave the beaten track and assume a new place in society.

Initiated by Langage Plus, the program is a constructive way to participate in helping these young people flourish, encouraging them to be more open to the world and bringing them to value the place of art as an integral part of life in their community.

Photo : Nathalie Lavoie