Finalist of the François Schneider Foundation – International competition of contemporary art

Participation in annual exhibition-sale of the members of Langage Plus in February

In the White Market, works remain anonymous until the names of the creators are revealed after their acquisition. Only a list of participating members is published. In the form of a silent auction, creations can be purchased by the public. The starting bid is determined by the creator and must be between $1 and $200. The highest bidder becomes the collector! At the creators’ convenience, a minimum of 50% of the profits from each sale is donated to the educational department of Langage Plus art center, Alma.

Unveiling of my work: “From my garden“. For this purpose, I have assembled a photograph of a pea flower, a dried pod and its seeds in the aim of “selling them at the market”. Also, the buyer is invited to sow them in the spring, in order to perpetuate the cycle of crops.