Garden or Vegetable Beauty

Regart art centre, Levis, Québec, June 17 to August 14, 2022

This corpus of works is the result of a careful look at my garden; above and below ground. Various transformations ensue. Thus, a negative photograph of rhizosphere is colored, then multiplied in symmetrical horizontal & vertical rotations. Similarly, a digital print reveals the network of intertwined lines of a leek root. Moreover, atypical carrots are the main subject of printed drawings and a delicate squash is presented in a superposition of states (flower, plant and vegetable). Finally, vegetable flower stems anchored in the clay of my land become ephemeral sculptures. These works were presented as part of the exhibition Garden & Compost with Nadia Loria Legris.

This project received financial support from the Canada Council for the Arts under the Explore and Create : Research and Creation program.

Photos : Nathalie Lavoie

Photos : Jean-François Gravel