Solidarity Garden

Residency at the Solidar boreal biofood platform, Chicoutimi borough, Saguenay, May 15 to October 15, 2024

This second year of residency at Solidar focuses on direct experimentation with plants grown in the field and in the greenhouse, as well as in a shed I use as a workshop. My purpose is to explore drawing, modeling, assemblage and video techniques with nourishing plants, with the aim of learning more about this aspect of the plant universe. This process is accompanied by an artist’s notebook fed by sketches, developing reflections and new understandings arising from my artistic, botanical and human interactions.

In addition, this research-creation addresses questions linked to the artist’s contribution to the community, through his or her contribution to the imagination and understanding of the living world, in constant evolution, and the close connections that unite us to it. Here, I question our relationship with the agricultural life that nourishes us, through an approach that is both poetic and experiential, combining botanical processes and artistic gestures. But also how can the artist work in research teams outside the artistic field, and thus collaborate in the creation of new possibilities?

This project is self-produced by the artist, and is hosted by Solidarity Garden of Solidar Farms.

Greenhouse, June 23, 2023